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Choose Us to Clean Your Space in Chico, California

Clean Your Space

10 Reasons to Choose Us

Below are the top 10 reasons to choose us for your home or business:
1. Accessible: You can always get in contact with our owner, Kevin Shanahan.
2. Responsive: You call us and we’ll be there.
3. Reliable: We do what we say.
4. Consistent: We always maintain quality work.
5. Trustworthy: We perform thorough drug tests and background checks on all employees.
6. Friendly: We always greet you with a smile and treat you with respect.
7. Professional: We complete our work in a professional manner.
8. Thorough: We have a highly motivated and detailed staff.
9. Follow up: We will ensure the quality of our work through our supervisors and managers.
10. Competitive Pricing: We will beat or match any written estimates.