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3 Reasons to Use Professional Cleaning Services for Your Office

Janitor Cleaning Office Room
When you manage a business, you are naturally concerned about things like reducing costs and keeping employees busy, which is why asking people to tidy up might seem like the right thing to do. However, cleaning is more complex than most people realize, which is why asking employees to help could be a recipe for disaster.
The following are three reasons you should only use professional cleaning services and why you won't regret the investment.  

1. Attract New Customers

You prefer your office to be clean, but have you ever thought about what kind of impression you are making with potential clients? In the world of sales, cleanliness matters. In fact, studies have shown that 95% of shoppers think twice about shopping at a business if they notice bad smells or stained carpets, and the same issues could trouble investors and business partners.
However, if you rely on your employees to take care of essential cleaning tasks, you never know what kind of job they will do. While professional janitorial businesses have set standards for cleaning tasks, employees come from a wide variety of backgrounds, and standards of cleanliness can differ significantly from person to person.
While one employee might lose sleep over leaving streaks on a bathroom mirror, another worker might not think twice about leaving the smelly break room garbage can full overnight.
One of the most important reasons to work with a team of professionals is the fact that you need your business to remain clean, especially during business hours. By working with people who genuinely understand cleaning and use standardized practices, you can keep your business predictably tidy, creating a serene and welcoming environment for your employees, investors, and visiting management teams.  

2. Reduce Liability

Accidents can happen in an instant, especially when your office floor is messy or your counters are cluttered. Unfortunately, an unclean business space could open up a world of liability for you as a business owner, especially since company standards (or the lack thereof) could be used against you in workers' compensation lawsuits.
For instance, if you manage a business that offers IT services and you install a few new computers and printers, not taking care of those cords could create a physical hazard for your employees. Dirty break areas or poorly stored chemicals can also create biological hazards for workers and visitors, increasing your risk of lawsuits. 
While cleaning your office can help to reduce liabilities, asking employees to do the work carries its own list of liabilities. Employees may be allergic to certain cleaning products or unable to handle heavy cleaning equipment, paving the way for lawsuits. Additionally, if workers are asked to work outside of the scope of their listed job description, you could be held liable.
However, by working with professional cleaners, you can keep your space safe while protecting your employees. In addition to taking care of your office, many janitorial service teams are bonded and insured, protecting you in the event anyone is injured while cleaning your building.   

3. Protect Your Assets

There is a right way and a wrong way to clean just about everything, which is why professional cleaning can help you to protect your assets. For instance, while employees might be tempted to remove hard water stains caused by sprinkler overspray from your outside windows using abrasive chemicals or even razor blades, doing so could damage your store windows, putting you in hot water with the property landlord.
On the other hand, professional janitors can clean windows, company equipment, flooring, and hard surfaces properly, helping you to reduce your expenses in the long run.  
When it comes to protecting the business that you love, let the team at Sanitorial Janitorial Service help. From pressure washing and window cleaning to building maintenance and carpet cleaning, you can keep your retail space immaculate while you focus on other things. Visit us online to learn more about our company.