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5 Tips to Keep Your Commercial Kitchen Sparkling Clean

Clean Kitchen Equipment

Sanitation and hygiene are two of the most important things that restaurants must maintain. However, in a busy business with customers, vendors, staff, and outside services coming and going, this can be a challenge.
To help you keep things neat and tidy in your restaurant, here are a few tips for any size operation.

1. Reduce Obstacles

Want to make it easier for cleaners to be thorough? Then work to reduce the obstacles they face when scrubbing walls, floors, and surfaces. Mount shelves and work counters on the wall rather than using styles that sit on the floor.
You can also often mount equipment on the walls or use wall-mounted shelving rather than add more tables to hold it. Pedestal-style sinks allow for fewer legs on the floor to work around. 
Where you do have to place things on the floor — such as ovens and refrigerators — try to choose units that leave plenty of space above the floor for brooms and mops to get all the way underneath. 

2. Make Things Mobile

The easier it is to move things out of the way when doing either regular cleaning or when cleaning up spills, the better job workers can do. So one of the simplest ways to help is to opt for mobile equipment and tables when possible. Place casters on table legs that aren't originally designed to move, or use furniture leg pads that make it easier to slide large pieces around. 
Creating a mobile work space provides an added benefit because it's easier to reconfigure the kitchen as you grow and to keep all parts of the room clean even while the kitchen is being used. 

3. Choose Low Maintenance

You can also choose materials that are easier to keep clean. This is why most restaurants opt for easy-to-clean stainless steel.  Even if you don't want stainless steel, look for flat cabinet doors and surfaces and a flat paint for easier wipedown. And a simple choice like wire shelves instead of solid ones can make a big difference. 
When installing flooring, counters, and appliances, avoid unnecessary barriers that trap spills. An undermount sink, for example, prevents dirt and debris from building up around the sink rim and makes it easier to sweep the mess right into the basin.
Also, have flooring finished with smooth edges that meet seamlessly with the bottoms of built-in cabinets so dirt doesn't become piled up. Even small changes can do a lot of good. 

4. Create a Checklist

Everyone gets busy, and that can make it easy to forget the little things. When employees are tired after a long shift, they may overlook cleanup tasks. Help keep things clean with a regular cleaning checklist posted for all to see and use. 
Design a checklist for daily or shift-based tasks as well as one for weekly and monthly cleaning jobs. These less frequent tasks — such as deliming the sinks, sanitizing walk-in freezers, and cleaning mats — are easy to get behind on, so schedule them on a regular basis.

5. Hire a Service

Your cooking staff and servers handle a lot of jobs already. And they're not cleaning professionals. If you want a clean kitchen and dining room, then hire professionals to care for it. They will have proper equipment, including sanitary floor scrubbers and chemicals safe around food areas. The work can be done when your people are not around, making the whole process smoother and less disruptive to your business.
It's no easy task to keep any restaurant kitchen clean. But customers and staff alike will all appreciate the results of your efforts. Make things easier right from the start by meeting with our friendly cleaning professionals at Sanitorial Janitorial Service in Chico today.