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Questions Homeowners Have Before Hiring A Cleaner For The First Time

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Hiring professionals to clean your house or condo can leave you more free time to spend with your family. It's so nice to come home to a clean space where you don't have to worry about unpleasant scents or dirt accumulation.
But while hiring a professional cleaner has a lot of benefits, homeowners are sometimes hesitant to embark on this experience for the first time. Inviting someone into your home to clean can be a bit intimidating, and you may not know what to expect. To help you feel more comfortable, take a look at these common questions and their answers.
How Much Will It Cost?
Hiring professional cleaners may seem like something only rich, upper-class individuals do, but in fact, this service is more affordable than you might imagine. Most middle-class homeowners can fit house cleaning into their budget, especially considering that having someone else clean your home leaves you more time to focus on work, grocery shopping, and other tasks. 
The average maid service costs about $165, though costs vary based on the size of your home and any extra cleaning services you need to be performed. At Sanitorial Janitorial Service, we will beat or match any other company's written estimate, and we also offer free estimates - so there are no surprises when we show up to clean. 
Do the Cleaners Have to Clean Your Whole Home?
You may feel uncomfortable having the cleaners clean your master bedroom or a certain closet in your home, and that's completely understandable. Your cleaners do not have to clean the whole home. You can tell them to focus only on certain rooms or give them a specific list of spots you do not want to address. 
Many customers start by having professionals clean the common areas of their home, such as the living and dining room. However, as they get to know their cleaner and their work, they grow more comfortable allowing them to clean bedrooms and more intimate areas.
Will the Cleaners They Use Be Safe?
If you are worried about the safety of conventional cleaning solutions, you're not alone. Many cleaning companies share your concerns, especially because they're exposed to the cleanings solutions for hours every day! Look for a company that uses green, eco-friendly cleaners, and you can be ensured of your safety. If you have certain products you want your cleaner to use, you can also leave these products out for them with instructions. 
Do You Need to Be Home When They Clean?
Some customers prefer to be home when their cleaner is working so that they can guide the cleaner and answer questions along the way. But this is really not necessary. If you have a busy schedule and need to be at work, your cleaning team can work in your absence. You can leave a key with the cleaning company or give them your home access code.
How Often Do You Need to Have Your Home Cleaned?
This is totally up to you. Most homeowners find that they need their homes cleaned every week or every two weeks in order to keep it spotless. If you are not home a lot, do not have pets or children, and are good at cleaning up after yourself, you may only need to have your home cleaned once a month. Some people clean their own homes most of the time and hire a service a few times per year for a deep cleaning.
Professional cleaners know the best techniques to address stains, ground-in dirt, and unwanted odors. You'll be amazed how clean your home is when they leave. If you're looking for an economic, reliable cleaning company in the Chico area, contact Sanitorial Services. We're Licensed bonded, and insured, and all of our cleaners have passed drug tests and background tests.