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Office Cleaning Services in Chico, California

Welcome to Sanitorial Janitorial Service

We are your trusted source for complete, full-service residential and commercial cleaning services. We always strive to go the extra mile and beyond the call of duty for our clients with every project we are tasked with. This same mentality applies to even the most minor of services, including cleaning coffee pots, washing kitchen utensils, fixing light fixtures, changing light bulbs, replacing HVAC filters and more!
If you should ever encounter a cleaning or repair problem at your home or workplace, you can be confident we will be over right away to provide you with a solution. Your satisfaction is always our first priority. We operate by two distinct rules. The first rule is that the customer is always right. The second rule is that if the customer is ever wrong, we should always refer to the first rule.
Contact us today to discuss the janitorial needs for your property.