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Trustworthy Medical Office Cleaning in Chico, California

Care That Your Patients Deserve

If you work in a medical office, your focus should be on your patients. However, dirty floors, dust buildup and unhealthy conditions can quickly distract you. We know hygienic conditions are essential for the safe and effective treatment of your patients. We also know you want to focus on treating people, not doorknobs. Our staff will sanitize your medical office for you, so you can get back to what matters most: helping people heal.
Staff will sanitize your medical office for you

Let Us Care for Your Facility

You will know your medical office is clean when you trust Sanitorial Janitorial Service with the task. Our meticulous attention to detail will let you focus on treating the patients that rely on you and your staff. We’ll leave your windows spotless to make sure your patients have natural light. We’ll strip and rewax your floors to make them shine germ-free. We even offer eco-friendly cleaning options to help relieve any worries about patient allergies.

Immaculately Hygienic

Your medical office has particular cleaning needs, and you can trust us to care for it properly. We know which things to focus on to keep your office as hygienic as possible. Wiping doorknobs, vacuuming carpets and disposing trash are tasks that any cleaning service will provide. Our team will do more. We’ll change your HVAC air intake filters to make sure your patients breathe allergen-free air as well as complete other building maintenance as needed. We can even help with biomedical cleanup and disposal.

Keep Your Focus on People

If you chose the medical profession, you did so in order to help people recover from illness and injury. Let our professional cleaning teams care for your office so that you can focus on your patients. You can trust the experts at Sanitorial Janitorial Service with your office because we have over 30 years of experience. We will keep your facility hygienic so that you can keep your patients on the path to recovery.